A Pleasant Weekday Excursion to ‘Melodive’

Conventional iOS Gamers, you have been warned. I reckon you still wish to venture out to the Mordor of iOS, err, Middle-Earth, where games are divergently unconventional and revolutionarily variant. BUT, if you have been searching the App Store in vain for something original, you will absolutely adore this piece of gem. Quite visually, you can assume that Melodive by Johan Gjestland is a diving simulator in which you are given a harpoon gun to hunt down some outlandish objects. Just kidding. Melodive is nothing like what I have described above, (do allow me to admit my shame over my sense of humour) but the world that you find yourself in is indeed littered with bizarre-looking… mushroom-like… things that emit sounds when you approach them, and each have different melodies and percussive beats. Upon playing, you will also discover the “mushrooms” disseminating a tantalizing amount of melodic jewels.

We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious!
We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious!

Do not worry, your experience will not be quite the same, meaning it won’t be short-lived. By collecting metalloid objects called Melodium, you, the prophesied Messiah of Melodive, will attain the right to customize the melodies and beats (there are even set themes you can choose from) to your own liking, which will bestow upon you, a differentiated experience every time you go for a little dive. This in-game currency of Melodium generates a sense of purpose and adds perfectly to the replayability but you will soon realise that you will be going back to it for your daily fix of the experience, and not really for the sake of gathering Melodium.

Customization = Incentive = Replay Value

Now how this all play out is, no doubt, a question you will ponder over. If you are already convinced thoroughly that this is the right app for you, let me congratulate you on your judgement skills, which are immaculately pristine. For those not, I have something special for you, a Pandora’s box, if you will. Try the app for yourself and discover this: despite Melodive’s anomalous nature of striving away from orthodox “gaming experience”, the gameplay mechanics and the intended purpose interplays impeccably well.

This is a great feat for game developers in general, since the mentality is that taking a risky initiative to digress from conventional genres such as puzzle, FPS and sorts, is a road best left untaken. I am most certain (and you should feel this way too) that Melodive will preserve its uniqueness while remaining competent with all the other popular games. Besides, with the norm of iOS game titles being free-to-play with In-App-Purchases (IAPs), there is nothing more relieving than hearing the release of a premium game.

Placing Melodive on a crumpled but crisp set of bedsheets, there is no denying that it is an essential experience after a day of hard work that eases you of your intensest worries and slips you straight into a realm of euphonic paradise. Likewise, it offers a virtual safe-haven for individuals exhausted by the brutal banality of their daily lives, who may have lost contact with their musical senses. Melodive, also in its essence is somewhat reminiscent of a bedtime story whereby the children bit by bit, slip into their respective dreamlands.

To top it off, it is an exemplary title that mediates both the idea of “game” and “experience” and lives up to its ingenious quality. Simply put, the game, or “the experience” is fulfilling enough to induce players to revisit the utopic setting that haunt them deeply even during daytime.

Take my word for it – go for a Melodive at night, with lights off, earphones plugged in, and bedsheets rolled up to your chin. Safe trip.


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