Earning Loot to Die in ‘Earn to Die 2’

Earn to Die 2 by Not Doppler champions most of the well-known genres including RPG, physics-based driving, and zombie-massacre. In retrospect, the game also pays a well-deserved homage to it predecessors, the 2-D side-scrolling flash games that I grew up with. Likewise the gameplay is perfectly simple and yet immensely appealing. Within mere minutes, players will take notice of loads of customization and a great sense of progress, giving you the illusion of being productive when you’re merely squandering your time on a time-passer. The progress is neither slow nor blink-of-an-eye fast but balanced with perfection, leaving you to bask in vain glory.

I call it the "Cleaver"
I call it the “Cleaver”

I have been holding a grudge against this game for so long, just because of its 2D graphics. I don’t mean any offence but the visuals are not up to par with what has been seen on the AppStore today. But the stark visuals bear no harm to the overall fun that it offers.

It’s hard to criticize this one because it is doing what it is supposed to do so perfectly. It’s a genre that mostly everyone is aware of and it could pose an insurmountable challenge for developers to disallow the game from failing to deliver what the genre has promised. But I have one thing to say – the same, monotonous background song. Good thing there is an option to turn off the music, as I rather frenetically drove my beloved vehicle across the zombie-infested derelict landscape with Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus. It’s a fitting song for the post-apocalyptic setting that hauls in a breeze of romantic hue to the dystopian world.

A slow-motion Michael Bay moment

With every bit of upgrades, as players, you really can get a crystallized sense of enhancement to your chosen vehicle. For instance, with upgrades to the tires, there is less gravity resistance when driving uphill and of course with gun upgrades… you know what happens with those bad boys. I was also quite amazed with the strategic elements inputted into the game. Allow me to be the first to coin this saying, “With more abilities, comes more options.” Basically, each run gives you a copious amount of loot but not too generous as to allow players to finish a level in one go. The grind, albeit it is there, is part of the enjoyment. It teases you just enough without making your blood boil and keep you incentivized to keep playing. Additional point to note is that I never felt like the round ended because of my poor skills but due to lack of upgrades and this eliminates any trace of frustration that players might have to endure. It’s truly designed to be a stress-free game.

Oh, and don’t worry about looking like a fool while playing Earn to Die 2. The controls aren’t tilt but touch-based so you won’t be tilting your upper torso together with your post-apocalytic gas guzzlers.

A brilliant sequel that stays true to its interdisciplinary genre with a kick that spurs you on for just one more upgrade, Earn to Die 2 lives up to be a wonderful pastime for gamers of all ages.


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