Becoming Religion in ‘Dictator: Revolt’

Dictators are far more pleasant than they are perceived to be. Just like you and me, they sport delicate hobbies like weekend excursions to the museum (only to marvel at a monumental statue of yourself), and winning the love of your people, all the while mowing down insolent rebels with grenade launchers. IMG_0433 Dictator: Revolt by Tigrido strikes immediate appeal to human psyche – bringing out the oppressive and rather sadistic side of our souls hidden safely beneath daily facades. Worry not however, as you, the beloved leader, will have prevailing moments to prove your unconditional benevolence.

Be conscious of your decisions though, because your boundless acts of altruism to one group could easily kindle wrath in another. It’s an established fact that even dictators cannot impress everyone, despite the omnipotence of personality cult. As Machiavelli once voiced, “It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.” To take this into context, upon choosing the Police, and “Permit[ting] traffic police to catch violators by setting up an ambush”, you will gain popularity from the Police, Oligarchs, and Family but lose popularity from the People, Army, and Opposition.

The Second Amendment.
The Second Amendment.

Popularity in Dictator: Revolt is the equivalent of a health bar and should you lose a significant level of popularity from one group, there will be a coup or “conspiracy” as the game calls it, that will try to oust you. You will either have the option to incarcerate the ungrateful mutineers (which will cost you a lot in the long run) or simply pacify the coup by cajoling them with whatever funds there are left in your possession.

Unfortunately, dictators are not meant to last and so gradually and inevitably, you will lose funds. You can prevent this to a degree or at least delay the leak in your funds by winning more than 10 popularity points in one or more group, which by then that group will start to lend out funds to you. All in all, the key to excelling is favouritism – if you cannot win the hearts of all individuals, just go for the ones you know will support you.

Ah, Iosif Stalin.
Ah, Iosif Stalin.

Sometimes, you will play as if you are the one sitting on the gold armchair playing tyrannically, while other times, you will simply try to play the game strategically to complete a daily mission or unlock an achievement. Regardless of your play style, you will find its humorous content witty and delectably amusing.

Whether you are comfortable with allowing teachers to smoke in classrooms or not, and whether you orient yourself to be political or apolitical, you will have a blast with Dictator: Revolt. Turn loose the despotic autarch in you, quell the rebellion, and make yourself known for your outrageous judgement calls.


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