Unwinding the halcyon days of ‘Monument Valley’

You can expect a lot of symmetry from Ustwo’s Monument Valley. In point of fact, the ambient background music runs symmetrical to the level designs that billow heavy fumes of mystique and allure.

Players will often be in awe of how simplicity cajoles the baffingly multidimensional structures in Monument Valley. Having said this, players will be perplexed, but immensely satisfied upon completion of the levels throughout.

There is plenty to enjoy for different types of players as well. For you art enthusiasts, having to see M.C. Escher’s style sewn into the level designs will bring tears to your eyes and for you conventional gamers, your malnourished eyes will bless your neurons for administering the decision to pick up this aesthetically dazzling crème de la crème. So yes, for both types of players, visuals will be something to quench your aesthetic thirst.
Monument Valley toggles back and forth from simplicity...
Monument Valley toggles back and forth from simplicity…
I’ve never felt such calamity while playing a puzzle game, as it is my childhood tendency to correlate puzzles to cognitive test questions. Jokes aside, part of the reason the game isn’t frustrating is because it genuinely feels good not to know what to do at certain times.

To quote Aragorn, “Not all those who wander are lost”. The music and the art laid before you will make you draw a deep breath and take in that last pungent bit of ambience before letting you decipher the blueprint of the structures and work out your way onto the next level.

…to complexity.
Much like Simogo’s Year Walk, the game is experience-oriented more so than mechanics-driven. The ten levels can be completed in an hour or so however there is an expansion pack available as an In-App Purchase to enable players to venture further into the enigma.

The story, revolving around the Silent Princess and her forage for the I-don’t-even-know-what, lacks words and is thus vague but reasonably enticing at the same time. It is intensely committed on delivering a story only through audio-visual means and upon playing, you will be struck with a reminder that you still prefer fancy visuals and obscurely atmospheric sounds than dense blobs of alphabets.
But beautiful, nonetheless.
Here is what I did and what I recommend – split up your play session and be taken away from the reality that makes you a miserable sod, every damn time you need to.

As someone who played through both the original and expansion pack, I can affirm that Monument Valley proffers a casual puzzle experience, but one that strikes realization into the idea of variety and order – featuring the conglomerate product when individuality meets uniformity.

Hope you weren’t lost in that metaphysical statement. Because if you were, that means you’re doing unspeakable disservice to your eyes, ears, and your frontal Lobes by not experiencing what Monument Valley has to offer.


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