Timeless Timepieces: Void’s VO2MKII

Horology fascinates me. It’s the quintessential human endeavour to grasp something that is intangible.

So powerful is the desire to attain something unattainable, that we have given physical form to time, to the Void.


Designed by Swedish designer and engineer David Ericsson and based in Hong Kong, Void offers a line of timepieces that wishes to manifest the sublimity and indescribable beauty of the concept of time.

Its minimalist design emits a sense of alienness, the unknown, and rightfully reminds us that time is something that lies beyond the human frame.

It controls humanity, nature, and the universe. We are bound by the invisible time –  constantly busy with appointments and battling against alarm clocks. But time also assumes its dominance on the physical form. Time is percolated in our bodies from the moment we are born until death.

And so comes the importance of physicality. The object is in a way, an immortal reminder, as long as its physical form is preserved, of the human crusade for the eternal. So afraid are we of the idea of temporality, but concurrently enamoured by the evanescent beauty of transience. Thoughts that are invisible, unless written down, adopt its immortality within the human scope after it achieves a physical form.

When we encounter something powerful that grips us and emancipates us from the sense of time, we wish to preserve it in its purest. We write poems, prose, letters, memos, compose music, and draw paintings. All these creations – are these not human attempts from the past, present and future that wishes to eternalize things? To reach out beyond the boundaries of time to seek correspondence?


In early 2008, Mr. Ericsson’s Void began with a very personal desire to create a watch that he simply wanted to design and subsequently own. The brand likewise makes a bold statement as it is product-driven, rather than brand-driven, which seems to form the majority of watch brands today. The products, as a result, confidently exhibit a sense of personality and stand by themselves with their own stories to tell, as opposed to trying to fit into the collective brand identity. Yet, these independent timepieces, holistically tell a unified narrative, which no brand or marketing agency could have easily undertaken.

That narrative is in Void’s timeless design, which is most satisfyingly embodied in the VO2MKII. The analogue adheres confidently to the neutral minimalism and realizes a design that escapes human notion of time. It’s an artefact neither from the past, nor from the future. It belongs to the realm of timelessness. Which is precisely why Mr. Ericsson argues that anyone with a business sense would have abandoned the product long ago as the market for such odd products is limited.

But that is also why I love it now, and see myself loving it in the future as well.


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