Timeless Timepieces: Void’s VO2MKII

Horology fascinates me. It’s the quintessential human endeavour to grasp something that is intangible. So powerful is the desire to attain something unattainable, that we have given physical form to time, to the Void. Designed by Swedish designer and engineer David Ericsson and based in Hong Kong, Void offers a line of timepieces that wishes to manifest the […]

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A War in a Day: “9. April”

Going against the odds seems to be a popular motif in war films. But 9. April is a slight deviant. No hill is defended, no tanks are sabotaged, and there are no heroes. Silhouetted against the cyan sky of Jutland, the Danish troops pedal their bicycles, on their way to hold off the Wehrmacht. With no trucks, […]

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An Inquisitive Dab at Modern Art: Nevelson’s “Sky Cathedral”

Louise Nevelson’s piece titled Sky Cathedral is an emblematic rendition of an assemblage art – one of the prominent stylistic conventions of abstract expressionism. The work exerts a persuasive perspective of the artist, appearing natural and logical in the composition of objects that make up the holistic picture. There is a great degree of intuition […]

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